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Casio DR320TEC Heavy Duty Printing Calculator

Casio DR320TEC Heavy Duty Printing Calculator


General Data:

  • 14-Digits Digitron-Display
  • Dimensions: (H x W x L): 87,8 x 214,5 x 339 mm
  • 2-colour printing (RB-02)
  • Paper Size: 58 mm (Outer Roll åÒRoll 57mmåÓ)
  • Printing Speed: 3,5 Lines/Sec.
  • Power Source: 220V AC only
  • Memory Back-up Battery (1 x CR-2032)
  • Weight: ca. 1700 g
  • EAN-Code: 4971850-178446


  • Euro Conversion (3 rates)
  • Tax Calculation
  • Profit Calculation (Cost, Sell, Margin)
  • Percentage-/Deltapercentage Calculation
  • Decimal Selector (0,1,2,3,4,6,ADD2)
  • 3-Digit Comma Markers
  • Triple-Zero Key
  • Independent Memory
  • Grand Total Memory
  • Rounding Selector F, Cut, Up, 5/4
  • Mark Up / Mark Down
  • Not calculating key flush left
  • Item Counter
  • Rapid Correction Key
  • Average Calculations
  • OEM SKU: DR-320TEC

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