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Epson T0553 Ink Cartridge

Epson T0553 Ink Cartridge


  • Print pictures with vivid colours all the time with the genuine magenta Epson T0553 ink cartridge. Exceptionally sharper colour text can be produced on plain paper and speciality media when the Epson C13T055340 ink cartridge is used. The Epson T0553 magenta ink quickly adheres to the sheet, so print outs are ready for display, distribution, or storage. Quick-Dry technology is used in the pigments of the Epson C13T05534010 print cartridge. Output that is printed with the magenta Epson T0553 ink can last longer and won't fade or smudge because of humidity, light, and moisture. The Epson C13T055340 magenta ink cartridge is part of an individual ink system which means less waste as you only replace the colour which runs out. The magenta Epson T0553 cartridge has a capacity of up to 290 pages.

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