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Epson T0962 Ink Cartridge

Epson T0962 Ink Cartridge


  • Produce colour pages in exceptional quality by using the genuine cyan Epson T0962 ink cartridge. Formulated with UltraChrome K3 technology, the Epson C13T09624010 cyan ink is a high-density pigment that supports a wider colour gamut while adding ample gloss to the output because of microcrystal encapsulation. Text and pictures can be printed smoothly while resisting smudging and scratches because of improved resin and pigment chemistry in the Epson T0962 printer cartridge. Colours produced by the Epson T0962 cartridge are stable as soon as they are printed on plain paper or speciality media, with bronzing, colour shifting, and metamerism reduced. This original T0962 cartridge is capable of producing approximately 1,505 pages of print before replacement which keeps the cost-per-page ratio low.

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