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Fellowes AeraMax ™ DX5 Air Purifier

Fellowes AeraMax ™ DX5 Air Purifier


  • Four-stage cleaning system cleans 99.97% of air-polluted particles to 0.3 microns from the air, including pollen and other allergens, dust mites, fungal spores, animal dander and cigarette smoke
  • AeraSafe ™ antibacterial treatment is a built-in protection against the growth of odors caused by bacteria, mildew and fungi on the TrueHEPA filter
  • AeraSmart ™ sensor measures the air quality and automatically adjusts the ventilation speed to keep your air clean. Blue, orange and red lights indicate how clean your air is
  • Aera + ™ mode has been developed for peak seasons in allergies. The airflow is increased by 35% + to clean allergens from your air
  • Filter change indicators indicate when you need to replace the carbon or TrueHEPA filter
  • Recommended for rooms up to 8m²
  • Product dimensions (hxwxd in cm): 69.22 x 18.42 x 21.59
  • OEM SKU: 3019801
  • Voltage: 220v

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