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Lexmark 14 High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge


PLEASE BE ADVISED, THIS ITEM IS A EU VERSION and MAY NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY WITH US EQUIPMENT. Please confirm compatibility with your account manager at +1 (800) 691-8577 BEFORE placing an order.

High resolution monochrome graphics and text documents can be more presentable when the genuine Lexmark 14 black return program ink cartridge is used. The Lexmark 14 ink cartridge is engineered for resiliency and versatility, so it is compatible with a wide range of paper types and speciality media. The cartridge of the Lexmark 018C2090E black ink is an all-in-one product with redundant nozzles that guarantee consistency on every page, so if one nozzle fails or gets clogged, the other continues to work. The Lexmark 14 ink cartridge is part of the company's return program for recycling or re-manufacturing. Capable of an estimated 175 pages per 018C2090E cartridge, this product would be ideal for a home printer.
  • OEM SKU: 18C2090E

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