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Lexmark 2 X 100XL Black Ink Cartridge


PLEASE BE ADVISED, THIS ITEM IS A EU VERSION and MAY NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY WITH US EQUIPMENT. Please confirm compatibility with your account manager at +1 (800) 691-8577 BEFORE placing an order.

The genuine high capacity black return program Lexmark 100XL ink cartridge twin pack contains 2 x Lexmark 100XL (014N1068E) ink cartridges and is known as Lexmark part 14N0848. This original Lexmark 14N0848 ink cartridge twin pack offers you the chance to make great savings on your black ink cartridges when you intend to use your black ink on a frequent basis. The high capacity black return program Lexmark 14N0848 ink cartridges feature Lexmark's new Vizix print technology with precise drop placement for laser like inkjet printing. Print incredibly sharp black text and images from these high quality Lexmark return program 100XL ink cartridges that are long-lasting and highly economical due to the individual ink tank design. Simply attach one of your Lexmark 14N0848 ink cartridges onto your semi-permanent print head and you can be certain that you will use up the full amount of ink within your cartridge. The return program Lexmark 100XL inks use a water-resistant formula for durable print outs and each cartridge within this high capacity black Lexmark 14N0848 twin pack offers you up to three times as many prints as the standard Lexmark cartridge providing you with approximately 510 pages per cartridge.
  • OEM SKU: 14N0848

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