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Maul Viso Magnifying Energy Saving Desk Lamp with clamp

Maul Viso Magnifying Energy Saving Desk Lamp with clamp


  • Strong and stable, very versatile adjustment
  • Sturdy: strong metal parallelogram arm
  • Guaranteed: no power consumption when switched off
  • The circular arrangement of the lamp allows a uniform repartition of the light
  • Technical safety concept Made by MAUL
  • Double use: magnifying glass and desk luminaire
  • Protected: a flap protects from dust and from sunshine
  • 3 dioptre lens (magnification of 1,75), diameter 5 inch, lens surface 19.53 square inch
  • Includes 22 Watt energy-saving lamp (Socket G10q), ring form, 6500 Kelvin, daylight-white
  • The luminaire is sold with a lamp of the energy class "B"
  • Weighted energy consumption 28 kWh/1000h
  • The life of the lamp is 8.000 hours
  • The ECG (electronic control gear) ensures an anti-glare light with no flickering and a lower consumption and a longer life cycle of the lamp
  • 800 Lux illuminance at 13.7 inch distance, luminous flux 1200 Lumen
  • Luminaire head diameter approx. 8.8 in, with integrated switch
  • This luminaire is compatible with lamps of the energy classes from A to B
  • Replacement lamp with soket G10q: art-no. 828 22 05
  • Plastic-moulded metal desk clamp, up to 2.5 inch.
  • Upper and lower arm length 15.7 inch. Height in normal working position 16.5 inch.
  • Arm can be rotated by 360 degrees

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