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Tesa Tack Transparent Adhesive Pads (pack of 200 pieces)

Tesa Tack Transparent Adhesive Pads (pack of 200 pieces)


Tesa® TACK is the modern and versatile alternative to traditional thumbtacks or poster hangers. These both-sided self-adhesive pads are simply ideal to attach sketches, or any other flat and lightweight object to the wall or onto other objects. They also come in handy to fix notes, reminders or shopping lists to the refrigerator. Equipped with a special bonding agent they offer reliable adhesion on any flat and sufficiently smooth surface. Plus they leave you with the option to remove them anytime without leaving any traces.

  • Simple and clean
  • No greasy stains
  • Transparent and thin
  • Reusable and repositionable
  • Removable from sufficiently sound surfaces without leaving traces
  • Intelligent alternative to magnets and drawing pins

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